Scaffolding Erector

In this course you will learn the following skills:

Introduction to Scaffolds
  • Definition of scaffolds
  • Main categories of scaffolds
Types of scaffolds
Hazards associated with scaffolds
  • Falls from Height
  • Struck by falling objects
  • Electricity
  • Scaffold Collapse
  • Injuries while erection & dismantling
  • Other hazards
Scaffold components
Tools used with scaffolds
Simple procedures (practical/actual)
  • Material selection and Planning
  • Inspecting and securing the ground
  • Install mudsills
  • Adjust jacks and install
  • Install standards
  • Install ledgers and transoms
  • Square and level the scaffold
  • Install bracing
Safety requirements of scaffolds
  • Loading
  • Clearance from overhead power lines
    and excavation’s
  • Foundation
  • Platforms
  • Guardrail system
  • Bracing
  • Raising and lowering of materials
  • Securing the scaffold
  • Use of ladders
  • Scaffold inspection and record
Personal Protective Equipment

Course specification

INTENDED PARTICIPANT: Scaffolding supervisor

MAX CLASS SIZE: 20 Candidates

COURSE DURATION: 1 day / 4 hours

ASSESSMENT: Continuous by Instructor

CERTIFICATE EXPIRY: 1 year from date of completion Approved by Dubai Municipality

Learning Style

Successful candidates will be able
to understand:
The correct & safe methods of
erecting, altering & dismantling
independent scaffolds, scaffolds
with returns & tower scaffolds
in tube and fitting.
The regulations governing the
safe erecting, alteration &
dismantling of scaffolds & the
work methods to be adopted.
Determine the material
requirements for independent
scaffolds, independents with
returns & tower scaffolds in
tube and fitting.
Ensure that scaffolds are
constructed following safe
systems of work.

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