People of Determination – Advance

In this course you will learn the following skills:

To empower management to create an excellent environment, free from barriers for clients and workforce to lead change and deliver against the UAE Objectives.

  • Social and Business cases
  • Awareness for staff
  • How to recognise Physically Impaired including dos and don’t.
  • How to recognise Blind and visual impairment including dos and don’t
  • How to recognise deaf and hearing impairment including dos and don’t
  • How to recognise Hidden Disabilities including dos and don’t
  • Create Accessible environments for People of Determination.
  • Employment and best practice.
  • Emergency considerations for People of Determination.
  • Review & action plan.

Course specification

INTENDED PARTICIPANT: Manager & Supervisors

MAX CLASS SIZE: 20 Candidates

COURSE DURATION: 1 day / 8hours

ASSESSMENT: Continuous by Instructor

CERTIFICATE EXPIRY: 2 years from date of completion Accredited by City & Guilds & represented by ICSS & Dubai Police Academy.

Learning Style

Empower management to deliver against UAE strategy for POD both Social and business cases.
Understand the awareness course & be able to interact with POD with confidence.
Understand how best to support frontline staff.
Be aware of the environment, employment and emergency consideration in relation to POD.
Including specific reference and relevance to the work environment.
Create an action plan.

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